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Unveiling the Rhythmic Riot: Drumming Analysis of "Get Your Riot Gear" by Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy's eclectic musical style often presents a challenge for drummers, blending elements of ska, punk, and jazz into their sound. One standout track that exemplifies this fusion is "Get Your Riot Gear" from their album "Quantity is Job 1." In this article, we delve into the intricate drumming behind the chaos and energy of the song, exploring the jazz rhythms, the drummer's versatility, and the clever integration of rudiments like the multiple bounce roll and cross-sticking.

Jazz Rhythms in a Punk Context

"Get Your Riot Gear" kicks off with a spirited, fast-paced ska-punk groove, but keen listeners will notice the subtle jazz influences woven throughout the song. The drummer, known for their prowess in punk drumming, seamlessly adapts to these jazz rhythms, showcasing remarkable versatility.

In the verse sections, the drummer lays down a syncopated pattern reminiscent of traditional jazz swing, adding a layer of complexity to the song's structure. This unexpected twist elevates the musicality of the track, demonstrating the band's willingness to push boundaries and experiment with different genres.

Versatility on Display

One of the most striking aspects of the drummer's performance in "Get Your Riot Gear" is their versatility. Transitioning from the frenetic energy of punk to the more nuanced rhythms of jazz requires a deft touch and keen musical intuition, both of which the drummer possesses in abundance.

Throughout the song, the drummer effortlessly navigates between different styles and tempos, never missing a beat. Their ability to seamlessly blend these disparate elements speaks volumes about their skill and adaptability behind the kit.

The Art of Rudiments: Multiple Bounce Roll

A standout feature of the drummer's performance in "Get Your Riot Gear" is the tasteful incorporation of rudiments, particularly the multiple bounce roll. This technique, characterized by rapid and controlled bouncing of the sticks on the drumhead, adds depth and texture to the song's dynamics.

During the instrumental sections, the drummer unleashes the multiple bounce roll, creating a mesmerizing flurry of notes that enhances the song's intensity. This subtle yet effective use of rudiments showcases the drummer's technical prowess and adds a layer of sophistication to their playing.

Exploring Cross-Sticking

In addition to the multiple bounce roll, the drummer also incorporates cross-sticking into their arsenal of techniques. This technique, which involves striking the drum with one stick while the other rests across the drumhead, produces a distinctive sound that adds a unique flavor to the music.

In "Get Your Riot Gear," the drummer utilizes cross-sticking during the song's quieter moments, adding an element of subtlety and finesse to the arrangement. This creative use of percussion highlights the drummer's attention to detail and adds depth to their performance.


"Get Your Riot Gear" stands as a testament to Five Iron Frenzy's ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and captivating whole. At the heart of the song's infectious energy lies the drummer's remarkable talent and versatility, as they effortlessly navigate between punk aggression and jazz sophistication.

Through their skillful integration of jazz rhythms, clever use of rudiments like the multiple bounce roll, and innovative techniques like cross-sticking, the drummer elevates "Get Your Riot Gear" to new heights, solidifying their reputation as one of the most versatile and dynamic drummers in the ska-punk scene.

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