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Young male drummer holding drumsticks up
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Achieve in Months What Others Learn in Years

Dan's Intensive Drumming

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  • Envision creative, advanced, free-flowing rhythmic patterns to utilize around the drumset!

  • Discover drumming tools you never knew existed!

  • Teach yourself how to grow in your playing!

  • Gain confidence to interact with crowds

  • Become an appreciated musical leader in your band.

  • Be motivated through community and coaching

  • Maximize your energy to drum effectively

  • Gain insights from a teacher with 25+ years experience in playing and 20+ years in teaching

  • Have fun while learning your favourite subject - drums!

Get the Results You've Always Wanted!

I help drummers of all levels to maximize their potential through proven techniques!

About This Program

This exciting drumming program is designed to elevate the skills of drum enthusiasts through a structured, multi-faceted learning approach. Participants engage in a comprehensive training regimen that includes:

  • Weekly Zoom Group Training Sessions (1 hour): These sessions provide an opportunity for drummers to perform and learn collaboratively, fostering community and shared growth.

  • Monthly Individual Lessons (45 minutes): Each student receives tailored coaching, focusing on fine-tuning techniques and boosting musical expression. These lessons can be over Zoom, or in-person.

  • Extensive Video Library: Subscribers have unlimited access to a vast collection of videos covering artistry, various beats, technical rudiments, styles, performance tips, and practical drumming how-to's.

  • Interactive Online Community: An app-based platform allows students to connect with instructors and peers, supporting ongoing discussions and exchange of ideas.

  • Listening and Reading Exercises: Aimed at improving musical literacy and ear training, these exercises are vital for developing well-rounded musicianship.

  • Access to Articles and Sheet Music: Students can delve into a wide range of musical pieces and informative articles, enhancing their learning and practice opportunities.

  • Weekly Video Submissions: Students can submit videos of their performances to receive personalized feedback from their instructors, ensuring continuous improvement and guidance.

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Program Pillars

Live Classes

What You Will Learn

  1. How to use both your eyes and your ears for drumming, to develop clear paths of learning.  This is why both ear training and note-reading exercises are included.

  2. The ability to move between different styles of music, such as rock, pop, country, worship, jazz, and blues.

  3. How to tactfully and dynamically use your drumming skills with sensitivity, so that you will become a drummer who is desired by bands.

  4. How to become artistic on the drums, and develop your own style, with confidence.

  5. The ability to move around the drum set freely while coordinating all four limbs.

  6. Much needed "tools" and strategies for your "tool belt."

  7. How to become a "stable" drummer - becoming great for a band with tempo, and steadiness.

  8. The ability to pass along your skills and musical opinions to others, becoming a leader in your field.

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau

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